FrankLeigh Art
One Piece. One Word. One Life
The Artist

Beth Leigh, M.A.Ed. (also known as P.Leigh) is the owner of FrankLeigh Art, a mental health advocate and artist that has dedicated her life to helping others survive mental illness. With training in vocal, music, 2D, and 3D visual arts, Leigh has found that art can be utilized as a gateway to break the stigma of mental illness, offer resources to the community at large, and save lives.  

 The Story:
Leigh has been writing poetry, drawing, and painting since the pencil and brush were placed in her tiny hands. The act of creating is as natural as breathing air for her. When her battle with depression and anxiety came to a head and resulted in a suicide attempt, those closest to her all asked the same question, "Where is your sketchbook?" They knew just as she did, that art is life. Art saved her life. Art healed her.

With that, FrankLeigh Art (named for Frank and Eunice Lee* Keller, her grandparents) was born and she made a conscious decision to share her story through art in all forms: written, verbal, music, paintings, sculptures... Frankly, any form of art that she could create. 

All it takes is One Art Piece to get the interest sparked. One Word about the purpose of FrankLeigh Art and One Life could be saved!

 *Leigh is the 6th generation Lee in her family, however, her mother changed the spelling.