FrankLeigh Art
One Piece. One Word. One Life

Beth P. Leigh

Artist. Author. Advocate. 

Artist Statement: “Art can be the vehicle to show you the spectrum, if you will, of mental illness, and the spectrum of how you can receive assistance for healing. My subject matter is my walk through this earth as a Black woman. My art reflects my tradition and culture as a southerner, the activists of yesterday and today, the landscape, and my mood. I use traditional materials, paint and brush on canvas with some non-traditional materials, to capture the constant but sometimes abrupt nature of life— making the brush mimic my emotions. A piece is done when the narrative for that story is complete. Control the narrative, control the story.”

Artist Bio: Beth Leigh, M.A.Ed, is the owner of FrankLeigh Art, a company bringing mental health awareness and resources to the community through the arts. With multidisciplinary training in science, vocal, music, 2D, and 3D visual arts, Leigh found art can be a gateway to break the stigma of mental illness, offer resources to the community at large, and save lives.

FrankLeigh Art's Motto: One Piece. One Word. One Life. 

"If One art Piece can help someone share One Word about mental health, then One Life can be saved."

- Beth P. Leigh

To learn more about her story, click here. 

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